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Organizing Tips for Student Laptops

1.  Set Chrome as your default browser!  Here is a YouTube video to show you how.

2.  Log into your Google Account.  Use one of the methods below so the "" is pre-populated, you should only need to enter your username and password.

  • Use the shortcut already on your Bookmarks bar
  • OR, go to the FCPS Website and use the G Suite Shortcut on the menu bar

3. Add your own frequently used shortcuts to your Bookmarks Bar.  

  • Here is a You Tube video that shows you how to add your Blackboard Collaborate links, or a PDF if you prefer print.
  • Add your Google Classroom link to your Bookmarks bar.  How? In your Drive, click the Drive Menu Icon>Select Classroom>Click the Star icon in the Chrome address bar, make sure you choose to add it to Bookmarks Bar.
  • Check the Frequently Used Resources below for other sites you might want to add to your Bookmarks.


classroom shortcut














Other Troubleshooting Tips


Here are some resources that our students use regularly. 

blackboardgoogle appsmyon

fcps onlinetumble book libarywixie

Internet Safety

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Keyboarding and Mouse Practice