School Innovation & Improvement Plan

Outcome goals for this academic school year

School Innovation and Improvement Plan At-a-Glance

  • 2018-19

  • Oak Hill Elementary School

  • Region 5

  • Holly DeVore, Principal

End of Year SMARTR Outcome #1

By the end of June 2019, 100% of students in grades K-6 will improve their math discourse as demonstrated by at least one level of growth on the Math Performance Task rubric.  Students receiving a score of 4 at baseline or midyear, will plan and facilitate their own number talk within their math classroom.

Strategy 1  

K-6 math teachers will participate in ongoing professional development to plan and implement Number Talks during math workshop.


  1. Plan and implement PD on all of the early release days for teachers to support best practices in math instruction.

  2. Offer a variety of math PD each month (Wednesday Wonders) that applies to math workshop for teachers to personalize their learning in the area of mathematics.

  3. Host an after-school special on Number talks in the fall and the Math Workshop course here in the spring for staff to attend.

Strategy 2

All grade levels will follow the Collaborative Learning Cycle each week in order to be able to plan, teach, and assess successfully.


  1. Spend time (3-5 minutes) each week building relationships, trust, and respect among team members.

  2. Plan ahead and have timely agendas that follow the Collaborative Learning Cycle.

  3. Bringing in outside resources to support teacher learning in how teams function and how the Collaborative Learning Cycle works.

Strategy 3

Implement a daily number sense routine into math workshop in order to increase student discourse.


  1. Intentionally create and plan sentence stems in CLTs to promote and encourage student discourse during instruction.

  2. We will use the pacing guide as we unpack a unit to identify sentence stems to incorporate into our instruction to promote student discourse.

  3. Each day we will incorporate either Daily Number or a Number Talk into our math workshop.


End of Year SMARTR Outcome #2

By the end of June 2019, 100% of students in grades K-6 will demonstrate increased proficiency by at least one level in identified communicator skills as measured by POG communicator self-assessment and FCPS POG teacher scoring guide.  Students receiving a score of 4 at baseline or midyear, will choose to share about a PBL with another class or facilitate an aspect of the morning meeting.

Strategy 1

Staff will embed Portrait of a Graduate language within their everyday planning and classroom environment, specifically the skill of Communicator.


  1. Use the Vertical Articulation Chart to align learning targets with selected communication skills.

  2. Staff will make the skills and language visible in their room by utilizing the resources provided by FCPS.

  3. Staff will use the sentence stems provided by FCPS to facilitate student conversation.


Strategy 2

Teachers will implement at least 2 PBL units one of which is refined from last year and one new created with your team during the school year aligned to the content of their choice while modeling and facilitating student practice of specific communication skills.


  1. Provide PD to staff on how to target specific POG skills alongside a PBL unit.

  2. Provide planning time for teams to create/refine PBL units to include an emphasis on communication skills.

  3. Invite outside resources to CLTs/School Planning Days to support how to embed POG into PBL units.

Strategy 3

Teachers will implement a daily morning meeting to enhance the POG skill of communicator.


  1. All teachers will participate in the Responsive Classroom academy course.

  2. Provide PD to staff around morning meeting ideas, as well as utilizing teacher language.

  3. Teachers will collaboratively plan their morning meetings with an emphasis on POG skill of communicator.