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Clever-Single Sign on for Wixie, Imagine Learning, Origo, ST Math

Student Tech Tips

How to Turn Chrome Sync On

Here's a PDF Document with instructions for turning Chrome Sync on.  ALL STUDENTS are highly encouraged to turn on Chrome Sync.  Once turned on, if they ever need to exchange their computer because of a hardware or other issue, all of their bookmarks will follow them to the new computer by simply logging into their account.

Video only Showing Green Screen?

Only 5 clicks to fix it! See this PDF for the quick guide.

Microphone Issues

If you are having trouble with your microphone try these pro tips (PDF)!

Laptop Setup

Here is the document that you were given when you picked up your laptop. (PDF)  Be sure you have done all of the setup instructions so you're ready for virtual school!

Log On to Your Google Account and Check your Gmail

Log into your Google Account.  Use the FCPS Google Apps shortcut already on your Bookmarks Bar the "" is pre-populated, you should only need to enter your username and password.

Add your BBCU Links to your Shortcuts Bar

Access the Specialists Blackboard Course and BBCU Links

Here is a video that will show you how to find the Specialists Blackboard 24/7 Course and once in, how to open up their BBCU sessions. 

Using BBCU

This slide show will tell you how to use the tools in BBCU

Add Items to Your Bookmarks Bar

Add your own frequently used shortcuts to your Bookmarks Bar.  

  • Add your Google Classroom link to your Bookmarks bar. Here is a short video to show you how.

Tips and Tricks - Video Playlist from FCPS

Lots of helpful short videos here!

Audio/Video Issues