Attendance Procedures

Attendance policies and procedures


FCPS regulations require that all absences be verified. You may verify an absence:

Please verify all absences by 9:15 a.m. if your child will be absent or late. Please leave specific information about the nature of your child’s illness, (fever/cough/sore throat/ headache/vomiting/diarrhea )and a diagnosis if your child has been seen by a doctor.

For absences that are not illness related (trips, family emergencies, planned medical procedures, please fill out the Request for Prearranged absence form and submit to the teacher who will forward to the office.

Late Arrival

The parent/guardian must accompany the child to the office and sign him/her in on the orange sheet. Office staff will give the student a late pass (T) and escort him or her to class.

Early Release of Students (appointments)

Send a written note/email to the teacher no later than 8:45 a.m. of that same day when your child must leave early. If it is via email, please copy the attendance email.

Parent or designee must come to the main office (prepared to show ID) and sign student out on the green sheet. Parent must sign student in upon return. Office staff will walk student back to class.

Students are not permitted to walk home alone during the school day or from afterschool activities.